Eat’n Park in midafternoon

For me, a restaurant like Eat’n Park is a centering agent.  An anchor.  A constant.  My mind races so much everyday and tries to solve so many problems and re-evaluate so many situations that after hours of driving and dealing with that, I need something to center me.  I also need food – still not sure which one is taking precedence.

Eat’n Park in mid-afternoon is an interesting world.  The one constant from the morning – old people – remain, only in much smaller doses.  Those that remain are alone, staring forward over decaf coffees and wondering what to do with their time after here.  They think about the time before retirement, when they were active and moving around and serving a purpose and yet then, then they longed for the glory days of retirement when the world would be their oyster.  Now that glorious time has come, and they’re alone, and oysters aren’t any good at Eat n’ Park.

Today’s the day that’s worth living.  Even at our most overworked and overstressed moment, we are painting memories for a time of reflection, not preparing for an empty existence.  Seize those moments now and they will make you smile.

Think of a time in your life when life seemed agonizing but now, in hindsight, you realize was one of the best times of your life.  Share some thoughts and memories below.


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One response to “Eat’n Park in midafternoon

  1. Justine

    I had fun eating Thai with skippy.

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